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Ms. Supriya Khaitan, Shivalika Sisodia, Shivam Jaiswal, Abhinav Kabra


An  Online  Bus Management System (OBMS) is a mobile application that facilitates travel and online ticket purchase. A reservation system is an application that is utilized in a bus transportation system for reservation of seats, cancelling a seat reservation and querying client and bus information, as well as previous reservations. about  several types of routes for an immediate reservation. This software is designed for an online ticketing system that uses data from its database, ticket booking and bus tracking, and obtaining the best price for clients based on their ratings. It keeps track of

 The software was developed using HTML and CSS for the front end, and Apache  MySQL, and Xampp for the back end. Our application was built with the goal of enhancing consumer convenience and comfort. We have ensured that, despite the software's performance, an addition from our end is the use of e-mail to send tickets to customers   after booking and online payment, which eliminates  the need for cash.


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