Communicative Competense and Ways to Reach it in Teaching Foreign Languages

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Khusainova Leyla, Mamatkulova Komila


A study of the scientific and methodological literature on the problem made it possible to conclude that the use of technical teaching aids in foreign language lessons makes it possible to present the material visually, and helps to improve the quality of education and reduce student fatigue. Technical teaching aids help the teacher to increase the pace of presentation of the material and in the most complete satisfaction of students' requests and curiosity.

The effectiveness of the use of technical means in teaching speech depends not only on the exact determination of its place in the training system, but also on how rationally the structure of the video lesson is organized, how the educational capabilities of the video material are aligned with the learning objectives.

To solve each of the tasks set, students must know not only the general content of the video material, but also remember the details, as well as be able to evaluate events, characterize the characters using words and expressions from the speech accompaniment of the video material. The use of audiovisual teaching aids, the exercises we proposed on the use of technical teaching aids help to improve the quality of learning in foreign language lessons, allow students to give a visual picture of life, traditions, language realities of English-speaking countries and develop the motivation of speech activity of students.

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