The Beauty Deep Within: A Study on Some of the Similarities between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm

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Dr. Indrajit Patra


The present article seeks to study three striking similarities between the microcosmic world of the living systems and the grand, cosmic landscape. The opening section deals with the strange structural and morphological similarities between the peculiar architecture of the neuronal network and the gigantic cosmic web with its several interconnecting filaments of clustered galaxies. The second part of the study shall look at the similarities between the fine-tuned nature of the biological world and the fundamental laws that govern the cosmos to see whether there is really a coincidence between life’s requirements and the universe’s choices of parameter values. This part of the study will also try to see if the prerequisite conditions for the existence of complex life in our universe are a result of the special values of the parameters themselves or there is something else at play. The various fundamental constants that underlie our most trusted theories appear fine-tuned in the sense that if even a very tiny variation is traduced in them, life as we know it, most probably will never emerge in such a qualitatively different universe. The final section of the study will try to look at the mechanism of natural selection that is often hypothesized to be operating in both microcosm and macrocosm. Here, parallels between the black hole-generated baby universes where random variations in the fundamental physical constants are introduced, and the Darwinian method of incremental accumulation of variations through mutation and natural selection will be explored.

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