Gas-Liquid Mixture Flowing Out of a Hole under Falling Pressure

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Ya. D. Khodjaev, Sh. A. Kasimov


An effective and reliable mathematical model is the effective method for calculating the cells' parameters, allowing to calculate the hydrodynamics and characteristics of heat and mass transfer of two-phase vapor-liquid flows with non-condensing gases in the heated channels of power installations in emergencies, is developed. The effects of the influence of non-condensing gas dissolved in water on the hydrodynamics and heat exchange in the two-phase flow, accompanied by a decrease in pressure, starting from the steady state of the circuit of power plants at nominal parameters have been studied. A marked effect of the separated non-condensing gas from the liquid on the flow hydrodynamics during the pressure drop is shown.

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Ya. D. Khodjaev, Sh. A. Kasimov. (2021). Gas-Liquid Mixture Flowing Out of a Hole under Falling Pressure. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 7091–7097. Retrieved from