An Analytic Study of Captagon Abuse

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Noor Faiz Abdalah, Rawaa Abdulmunem Hasan, Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti


BACKGROUND: Captagon (a form of amphetamine) is a social problem in the world.

AIM: to report & analyze Captagon Abuse in young Iraqi peoples.

METHODS: prospective, cross-sectional descriptive & analytic study using questionnaire  from 65 young Iraqi peoples aged between (17-39) years from different social classes,  randomly selected without names over December 2019, collected by students from second class of higher institute of nursing in Al-Anbar. A statistical analysis by Chi square through SPSS v23. The significant p-value is 0.05.

RESULTS: Sixty five responses from 35 males & 30 females, 29 of participants live in city. Fifteen girls, five widows & ten divorced women, while 31 single males & four married  were reported. 28 people’s fathers had bachelors or higher educational degree. There is no significant correlation between Captagon accessibility and gender.

CONCLUSIONS: Captagon Abuse is a critical problem rising in Iraqi community, must be

banned. Iraqi peoples are seeking Captagon in the same need, easily from illegal sources.

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