Ovarian Disease in Adolescent Girls

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M. B. Ch. B. Marwa Habeeb Nazal, F. I. C. O. G Aseel Mosa Jabber


Diagnosing PCOS in adolescence is difficult because the characteristics of the normal development of puberty interfere with diagnostic criteria for adults. The PCOS Handbook aims to the promote of accurate and timely diagnosis, improve ongoing treatment and also,improve the health outcomes for both adolescents and women with PCOS. This article focuses on specific guidelines for adolescent PCOS. Specific criteria for improving diagnostic accuracy and preventing overdiagnosis are: (1) Menstrual irregularity, which is known as the postmenstrual period; > 90 days (more than 1 year after menstruation), less than 21 days or less than 45 days (after menstruation> 1 to <3 years) less than 21 days or less than 35 days (more than 3 years after menstruation) then Thrombosis: The primary menopausal cycle lasts more than 15 or 3 years. Irregular menstrual cycles (less than a year after menstruation) indicate a normal transition from puberty. Hyperandrogenism has been defined as hirsutism, severe acne, and / or hyperandrogenism and has been chemically confirmed by validated high-quality tests. With the exception of other disorders similar to PCOS, for adolescents with PCOS but who do not meet diagnostic criteria, it can be considered a risk label with adequate symptom management and regular reassessment. The menstrual cycle can be re-evaluated after more than 3 years of menstruation. If menstrual abnormalities or hyperandrogenism are present only at the beginning, ultrasound can be performed 8 years after menstruation. Screening tests are needed for the anxiety and for depression and also,evaluations for eating some disorders should be considered. Available data support and should be recommended for the benefits and health of healthy lifestyle interventions to prevent excessive weight gain. A combination of oral contraceptives and / or metformin can help control symptoms.Intensive participation requires a rigorous process to improve diagnostic criteria and treatment recommendations for adolescent PCOS.

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