Modern Biomechanical Research in the Field of Cardiology

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Fakhriddin Abdikarimov, Kuralbay Navruzov


Problems in determining the volumetric parameters by echocardiography, essentially similar to the problemsare associated with the restoration of the full form of the heart. The researchers always hampered by difficulty the visualization parts of the heart, and above all the ventricles, arising from the specific features carrying out ultrasonic research. Therefore, echocardiography is no single approach to the calculation of volume indicators heart cavities. The article reveals the determination of the volume of the cavities of the heart ventricles by echocardiography, which is important in cardiology. Paper focuses on the left ventricle of the heart, which has the most correct and most accessible form of visualization. Corresponding to each segment of the ventricular cavity volume is determined by calculating the approximate cubature formula for Simpson. Then, summing up all the calculated amounts, we finally obtain the formula for determining the volume of the cavity of the ventricles of the heart. It states that this method is more accurate and reliable than other existing methods.

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