Prevention Model on Pregnancy Complication as Early Warning Programs through Self Care Approach

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Julia Fitrianingsih, Stang, Citrakesumasari, Ridwan Amiruddin


Introduction: About 500,000 pregnant women die and 50 million are due to complications from pregnancy. Technology programming models that can be operationalized in detecting the risk of pregnancy, through an early warning application system based on Android technology is required. This study aims to collect and analyze articles relating to the Prevention Model of the Complication of the Dangers of Pregnancy as an Early Warning Program through the Self Assessment approach

Methods: The design used is the literature review. Articles were collected using search engines such as EBSCO, Sciencedirect, Google Scholar and ProQuest. The criteria for the articles used were those published in 2010-2019. Search is done with keywords that are used to access the Application of Prevention of Pregnancy Hazard Model, Early Warning Program, Self Care.

Results: Based on the articles collected, the results of the lack of self-assets in detecting the danger of pregnancy early in pregnancy are predisposing factors for pregnancy complications. This condition causes pregnant women to experience problems that affect maternal safety, Lack of family support in helping pregnant women to detect the danger signs of pregnancy, the influence of local culture, especially in rural areas and the influence of parity or number of children born to mothers can affect the efforts of mothers to detect early signs of danger of pregnancy. Thus, early warning through therapy in the form of self care is needed in preventing the occurrence of complications of pregnant women from the dangers of pregnancy.

Conclusions: The ability of pregnant women to respond to pregnancy danger signs early is an important aspect in improving maternal health and reducing mortality. Various types of complications and physical conditions as a companion in pregnancy will cause complications for pregnant women, so the need for applicable and empirical prevention models as an early warning program and efforts to improve self Care.

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