Status of Tribal Women in India

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Prashant Kumar Baghel, Dr. Anindhya Tiwari


The tribal women constitute, like any other social group, about half of the total population. The tribal women in all social groups, are more illiterate than men and share problems related to reproductive health. With the onset of development programmes, economic changes are taking place but tribal women remain traditional in their dress, language, tools and resources. Violence against the vulnerable section of the society arising due to multitude factors in the era of globalization is a serious matter of social and academic discourse. Women at large are proving to be the most vulnerable section of the society, who bear the brunt of the ongoing process of social and economic transformation in the 21st century. Globalization has presented ne challenges for the realization of the goal of women’s equality and justice, the gender impact of which has not been systematically evaluated fully. Benefits of the growing global economy are unevenly distributed leading to wide economic disparities.

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