Artificial Intelligence and Hrm: An Empirical Study on Decision-Making Skills of Hr through Ai in Hrm Practices

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Dr R. Bhagyalakshmi, E. Felix Maria


Artificial intelligence has been booming by lips and bound in every industry and sector, it laid its root inthe educational institution, social media, manufacturing sector and in the field of financial decision making. Artificial intelligence plays an indispensable role in the decision-making process through algorithmic simulation and mechanical treatments. It reduces our time and makesa perfect decision while dealing with problems. Artificial intelligence in HRM significantly supports human resource potentiality and manage in utilising it in its best form. It supports from the basic level of selection, recruiting and managing the selected human resource level. The present study aiming at determining the application of Artificial Intelligence in HRM practices. A sample of 140 HR employees was selected for the study and a convenient sampling method has been adopted for the study. The findings show a good application of AI in HRM by HR managers in their respective organisation. Factor analysis results show two dominant factors has been extracted out of AI application in HRM variables namely unification and automation factor followed by channelisation and position factor. CFA has been developed to validate AI application in HRM factors. The model is strongly supported invalidating both factors through reliability and validity. AI benefits in HRM has been factorised into two dominant factors namely Efficiency and Utilisation Factor and Fulfilment and Haring Factor. Significant of difference has been identified among monthly income group both AI application and AI benefits. HR managers earning between Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 shows the highest AI application as well AI benefits. It has been suggested that the future greatly depends on AI application, hence they should learn the updated technology in machine learning and AI technology would help simplify the problems in HRM.

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E. Felix Maria, D. R. B. . (2021). Artificial Intelligence and Hrm: An Empirical Study on Decision-Making Skills of Hr through Ai in Hrm Practices. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 11568–11578. Retrieved from