Non-Linear Optical Properties of Organic Laser Dye

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Afrah M. Al Hussainey, Ban A. Naser


     The present research includesstudy spectral, linear and nonlinear optical properties of (Acriflavine)organic laser dye at concentrations (10-5M),and preparing thin films of this dye doped with polymer and  (Ag ) nano material, for using it in field of nonlinear optics. Many properties of organic dyes can be improved and enhanced by doping with polymer and nanoparticles materials, which are favorable for practical applications. The nonlinear calculated included using (Z - Scan) technique.The measurements performed using diode pump solid state laser operating at (457nm) wavelength with different laser power (56,70,84 and 102 mW). The results showed that increasing the nonlinear refractive index when increasing powers but decreasing of nonlinear absorption coefficient, when increasing powers for all prepared samples. Thin films of dye doped with the polymer and Ag nano material  have shown better nonlinear properties and optical limiting as compared with samples of pure dye.The result imply that all samples can be used as a potential medium for various optoelectronic applications including that in optical power limiting.

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