Operational Re-Engineering of Hospitals during COVID - 19 in India– A Review Article

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Aishwarya Shewale, Dr. Pramod Kumar Mishra, Neha Ahire


Background: COVD 19 has ended up becoming one of the biggest challenges that the world has had to face, universally. To tackle the potential challenges that COVID-19 may bring forward to any healthcare institution, hospitals are to structure their operations strategically, operationally and monetarily so as to somehow survive and arise on top, especially in these trying times.

Aims & Objectives: This systemic review aims to address the changes that Hospitals need to imbibe for smooth working under the stressful times.

Methods: A systemic review was conducted in the field of COVID-19 and changes that this pandemic has brought in Indian Hospitals. The target was specifically on OPD and Emergency Department. 70 articles were referred and only twenty-four were thoroughly studied to focus on OPD and Emergency Department of Hospital.

Result: Hospitals in India were caught off guard in the wake of confusion that erupted due to the emergence of this global pandemic, however, as time went by, hospitals started embracing and adopting the process of reengineering. These changes ranged from variation in lounge areas, OPD, manpower and so on. Almost every aspect of the hospital has been altered by new operational changes, rules and regulations put forward by Government of India.

Conclusion: With proactive patient administration being the definitive goal, The Indian Hospitals have to re-engineer themselves to sustain all challenges like this Pandemic. Hospitals should reengineer themselves operationally, strategically with considering overall approach of patient safety and satisfaction.

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