Typography as a Communicative Tool: A Visual Analysis of Malayalam Cinema

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Kora Koulik,Dr.S.DineshBabu


In Today's world, media are an important role in day-to-day life. In the ancient period, we are started with printing materials like books, newspapers, magazines. After the evolution of the industrial revolution, electronic media like radio, television, photography, and cinema developed. In the contemporary world, our life is mobile. Because the development stages of the mobile world are just for communication and today's world is neither than mobile. Social media like Google, Gmail, Orkut, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, telegram apps are major communication and social media promotion platforms around the world. In this scenario, we are focusing on cinema as a communication tool. The study of visual analysis, at the same time movie culture showing through the title of the movie. What you mean by the title of the movie. The inner culture of a movie communicates through the movie title. Here I am studying the importance of typography in Malayalam cinema. The portrayal of typography in the Malayalam cinema.

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