Smart Weather Acquisition, Analysis and Alert system

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Ashwitha A, Latha C A


Climate monitoring is a crucial process since rapid differences in atmospheric condition causes impact on diverse community, budgetary, substantial aspects along with safeness, fitness, nutrition consumption, travel. Hence acquisition of appropriate weather data is necessary to produce right end result. The proposed work presents recording the pertinent data, classification of the processed data with proper visualization techniques perceivable everywhere in the globe. Internet of things function as a feasible mechanism to achieve our task which is adequate and progressive approach to associate objects and connecting whole world of objects to internet. Here objects can become anything which has set of attributes and unique identity like sensors, electronic gadgets, actuators and electrical components. We have used k-nearest neighbor classification algorithm to perform processing on real time data obtained from the sensors to generate useful prediction mechanism. The system organization is responsible for supervising natural parameters such as atmospheric temperature, humidness and wind pressure in order to make wide data analytics and to draw helpful predictive decisions. Information updated from the operating system can be found online from anywhere in the world. Weather Information is broadcasted to the farmer or weather forecaster to alert about deluge or drought in the form of Short message to their mobile phone

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