Solving the Current Organic/Food Waste Management Issues of Households Using Mass Media in Kerala

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Hanna Johnson, Sanju R


Proper waste treatment is a major crisis facing Kerala, which has a population of 3.5crores. When many people are reluctant to choose proper methods, it causes many problems. The place where most of the waste is generated is from each of our own homes. The various types of household waste can be sorted and treated at home or handed over to the local government. The need for the recycling of organic and non-organic waste is very urgent today. New methods and methods of disposing of household waste should be adopted. There will likely be many difficulties today in maintaining the ancient processing methods or performing them at home. It is essential that we use each other and that sustainable waste management practices make us aware of the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Bio-waste from households and apartments should be treated using waste treatment facilities to convert waste into organic manure and expand in-house cultivation. Similarly, find out which method is currently the most cost-effective and suitable for each household for waste treatment, or find the difficulties in choosing such a waste treatment method. Help people to think about how effectively they can use it in many ways, how to treat their own waste treatment as their own responsibility, and how to convince people of the need to treat each type of waste separately through the mass media. Methodology surveys and interviews are used for thispurpose.

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