Modern Inventories and Environmental Impact of Electric vehicle

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B.Vinoth kumar, Dr.P.Avirajamanjula


Many new inventions are leading to significant changes in the automotive industry. Conventional vehicles have high-speed operation, high energy exposure and extended driving range. But Millions of conventional vehicles in use, emit high levels of carbon dioxide, due to this greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases. So, the world is also facing natural disasters such as global warming. Thus, many countries are encouraging the vehicle to be powered by green energy. Due to the high use of fossil fuels, its stock is declining.Many researchers are exploring the technical challenges and opportunities in the electric vehicle. This article describes in detail the functional structure and performance of different types of electric vehicle.

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B.Vinoth kumar, Dr.P.Avirajamanjula. (2021). Modern Inventories and Environmental Impact of Electric vehicle. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 10979–10995. Retrieved from