Business Continuity and Decision Making after the covid 19 - an Overview

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Dr. A. Thilagaraj, Dr. V. Agalya


This examination sums up on two perspectives (1) business coherence and (2) dynamic during the Coronavirus and after the post pandemic. In segment two this examination shows some previous pandemic occurrences and its interaction and the development everywhere on the world. In third segment examines about the post and present situation of the Coronavirus in business and assembling ventures and broke down potential recuperations through enlightenment of letters in order considering public and worldwide level. Also, this investigation demonstrates the inside and outside economies of scale on the business openings and improvements in future. Furthermore, considering different improvement factors that influences the workers and the basic individuals are clarifies and what the normal needs to do at this Coronavirus - 19 emergencies and in the pandemic air. At long last this investigation uncover on idea and discoveries that, the entrepreneur and pioneers are comprehend the shopper practices and the upper hands of the ventures and hang tight for some distance to foster their business and enterprises.

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