Crow Intelligence Estimation using Artificial Intelligence

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Savithri.V, Ruso.T, Diana Judith I,Prasanna.S,Hariharan.G


The study about the Human – crow relationship is the purest form of affection and love. In India, crow population is estimated around 19 million. Penetrating into minds of the birds are still challenging and research has to be scaled more for human – crow conversation. Block Technology technique in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning helps to read the mind of the crow makes improvising by extracting the features of the crows like eye balls movement, mouth movement, face value, left eye movement, right eye movement, mouth expand, mouth shrink. On extracting the pixel value of features as input, we have trained the system using Multilayer Perception, Radial Basis Function and Support Vector Model. The desired output is verified for accuracy by comparing the values with the standard statistical values as defined by the veterinary doctors. The proposed system implements voice Block Chain Technique and sensor technology with radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect the signal variations. The multilayer perception and radial basis function implemented in two different tools like SPSS and Just NN tool. The output of the both algorithm based on statistical measures compared and crypted using block chain technique. The concluded output is again converted into speech to human for better understanding. The proposed system estimates the crow intelligence using neural network techniques.

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Savithri.V, Ruso.T, Diana Judith I,Prasanna.S,Hariharan.G. (2021). Crow Intelligence Estimation using Artificial Intelligence. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 10620–10629. Retrieved from