Assessment the Nurses Knowledge towards Blood Transfusion Procedure in Karbala City Hospital/ Iraq

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Osama Saleem AliShatha Saadi Mohammad


Blood transfusion is a life-saving operation that also comes with a high danger of invasiveness. Patient safety continues to be jeopardized by clinical staff nurses' lack of understanding of many elements of blood transfusion. This study aims to assess nurses knowledge towards blood transfusion procedure; and determine those knowledge with demographic data. Methods: A quantitative descriptive analysis investigate the knowledge among nurses toward blood transfusion procedures. Throughout the non-probability sampling method, a purposive random sample of (108) nurses is chosen. A constructed questionnaire includes (socio-demographic data and knowledge question composed 33 items about blood transfusion procedure), data was collection through the use of a questionnaire and self report. Through the application the descriptive statistic and inferential, data were analyzed Results: The findings revealed the nurses knowledge towards patients prepare, collection of blood bags and blood transfusion procedure were within poor knowledge (mean < 1.5) except, the nurses knowledge towards complication of blood transfusion were good knowledge score (mean ≥ 1.5). The overall knowledge were poor level at low level of mean+ S.d.= 1.34+0.4232. the education attainment, years of employment and training sessions have been significant relationship with their poor knowledge. Conclusion: More years of experience in training the staff on blood transfusion by local officials help raising professionals’ nurses. Provide the health resources and exploiting young energies of nurses which indeed helps to develop their knowledge.

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