Grammatical Errors among L2 Learners At The Undergraduate Level

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Anup Denzil Veigas, Dr. David D. Wilson


Language and communication are the primary pillars that are emphatically developing prominence in today’schallenging world. English language has globally acquired acceptance and coverage as an important language that enables every individual to adhere to the need in the field of communication. In the Indian context multiple regional languages pose a challenge to the English language especially among the teachers and students. There is always a struggle to develop accuracy, proficiency and competence in the English language. The outcry is also seen against the English language being a more foreign entity and also an influencing factor over the regional languages. This conflict between the regional and foreign branding has led to a dire influence on the learning community who preferably adapt to regional language as frequent filler in place of English language in most of the learning practices. This in turn has resulted in a poor linguistic accuracy and learning among the native learners especially the students. In the qualitative research on error analysis especially related to grammatical errors through the steps proposed by Coder (1973) the following outcome was observed the errors related to articles were (25.88%), errors related to preposition were (21.17%), errors related to verbs were (34.11%) and this is highest in number, errors pertaining to nouns were (18.82%).Language Classrooms too have not succeeded in evoking the responsibility in language learning and hence the result of weak grammatical and structural incompetence makes the learners end up at the losing side in competitive and job placements.English Classroom must convincingly encounter this problem by providing solutions in an accurate manner. This paper has focused on inter language errors prevalent among regional learners in an undergraduate course.

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