The Spy Eagle Warrior

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Mr.S.SridharRaj, Dr. R.Shantha SelvaKumari, R.P.Akshelya, S.Amirthavalli


The spy eagle warrior is a robotic bird used for military purposes. During the sudden attacks on the border of the country, many losses are facing by our countries such as the death of soldiers and people, damages of weapons, and more damages. This bird is mainly for spying over a particular area, near the country border. The bird can stream the live video by capture the area where it flies. The Ornithopter mechanism is used for building a bird. An ornithopter is a robotic bird that flies similar to a bird by generating flapping wing motion. By lowering the weight of the bird for easy hovering the performance of the bird is improved and also the clear live video streaming.Our robotic bird is controlled remotely and the live streaming can view from anywhere in the world.

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