Plants are Talking Their Own Languages

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Waad H. Al-Obaydi, Hiba Hashim Younes, Luay M. Ayyash


Volatiles emitted by stress-induced plants with high specificity indicates are important evidence to the significance of such volatiles in shaping the different ecological communities, through effect on pollinators, herbivores, predators and microbes. Due to the great differences of habit below and above the ground, in addition to the morphological and physiological differences between the plant parts, it is very important to know that the way of communication and the used mechanism will vary greatly. Cross-talk among individuals belong to the same species revealed an increased rate of survival which ultimately can be used in crop production.

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Waad H. Al-Obaydi, Hiba Hashim Younes, Luay M. Ayyash. (2021). Plants are Talking Their Own Languages. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 9253–9261. Retrieved from