Study the Effecte of Oreganum Vulgare L. Extratct Against Some Pathogenic Fungi.

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Khadija Salim AL-Yasiri, Nidaa Shihab Hamed


The advent of fungi capable of infecting humans is becoming a major public health problem. Fungi with clinical importance can be classified as either primary or opportunistic fungal infections kill about 1,350,000 people per year, and more than 300 million people are infected the present study was conducted to investigate the effect of phytochemical compounds extract from ( Oreganum vulgareL. ) by using solvents which is Ethanol on fungal isolated from collected from various and hospitals and the medical province of Babil  2020 in Iraq. Antifungal activity was achieved in vitro by using the food poisoning method against Fungi species by preparing three concentrations for each solvent (5,10 and15 ) mg/ml and compared with positive control represented by anti-fungal ketoconazole 5mg/ml and negative control represented by 10% Ethanol. The aim of this investigation was to control fungi species isolated from various clinical cases by using oregano. The data collected from the study revealed that the  Ethanolic extracts of oregano showed a significant reduction at p <0.05 in the growth fungi species especially at 15 mg/ml compared with negative control. We conclude that the alcoholic extract of the oreganum vulgare plant showed high efficiency in inhibiting the growth of the fungi under study.

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Khadija Salim AL-Yasiri, Nidaa Shihab Hamed. (2021). Study the Effecte of Oreganum Vulgare L. Extratct Against Some Pathogenic Fungi. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 9243–9252. Retrieved from