Tracing the Position of Lgbt Community with in the Indian Context

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M K Neeraj, Dr.SreenathMuraleedharan K


Indian society had an exact idea of people from every community of their society in the past. The gender binary of femininity and masculinity is also used to include all in the society so the idea of a third gender is dismissed. When anyone who does not conform to the commonly agreed definition of heterosexuality is labelled as an outcast. Indian mythology has portrayed gender identity and non-heterosexual sexuality. We can see how it challenged sexual norms and the commonly held gender binary, particularly in light of today's anti-homosexuality legislation, which are based on colonial rules. With the arrival of British colonisation, the culture went from being represented to being completely forgotten. The British are well-known for their treatment of transgender and queer issues. It is clear that the British played a major role in criminalising homosexuality and thus reinforcing the already established notion, particularly when viewed in the sense of Victorian morality. And it has continued in the society for a long time. As a result, the LGBTQ community had to face a lot of problems in existing in their sexuality. Nowadays it is seen that some changes are made in society as LGBT people are given chances in various filed other than the past.

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