Judith Mcnaught’s Whitney, My Love is the Theme of Mistrust and Misdirection

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Mrs. S. Shalini, Dr. K. Mangyarkarasi


Misdirection and Misunderstanding in love and life was always the central theme of Judith Mcnaught’s novels. Hatred of woman, mistrust, misogyny, feminist nightmare is the themes which are highlighted in the novel. She is expanding equality and rights for sex which necessarily demand new class arrangement in the society. In the novel Whitney, My Love the rendering of the sad social condition that existed in the patriarchal society is very expressive. There was no better theme for her the inequality between spouse and loving relationship, the greatest social dispute common in both histories and contemporary in entire world. The theme of misunderstanding and mistrust is very realistic and fit for naturalistic literary work. The novel Whitney, My Love is apt to express societies the existing truth happen till now in entire families. The awareness about treatment of inequality is created only by literature. Because the elite person come to realize their own flaws done towards the loving person whom they always suspect and misunderstands ready to accept them as equal in all aspects. Then only humanism and love spreads towards the society.

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