‘Power’ and ‘Feminism’ in the Ivory Throne: Chronicles of the House of Travancore

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Anna Mary Palamattam, Kavya Purushothaman


Kerala's history is really fascinating. It was a centre of globalisation and a model of peace generations later. It, on the other hand, took casteism to its logical conclusion. A matrilineal structure, a legacy of empowered women, and some tough queens were all part of the deal. Manu S. Pillai's painstakingly researched biography of the royal dynasty of Travancore is one of them. The Ivory Throne:Chronicles of the House of Travancore is a combination of Travancore's history and Sethu Lakshmi Bhai's biography. With the use of Foucault's power theory and Feminism, this article will primarily look at the "power" and "matrilineal system" in Travancore.

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Kavya Purushothaman, A. M. P. . (2021). ‘Power’ and ‘Feminism’ in the Ivory Throne: Chronicles of the House of Travancore. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 9028–9034. Retrieved from https://www.annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/7147