From Bakhatoayyan: Understanding the Paradox of Dalit Liberation in India

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SeethaP.N, Devi K


India, being a secular nation is often haunted by the caste hegemony in society.untouchability is one of the primitive inhuman social evil that is prevalent in India eventoday.HindureligionmarginalizedDalitsfromsociety.Indianwritershaverepresentedtheissue of untouchability in their writings from earlier times. But most of them were astereotypicaldepictionofDalitsasmuteandincapableofrevolt.Recentlyanewgenrewasemerged as Dalit literature in India aiming at the realistic portrayal of Dalits in Indiansociety. Dalit authors who aimed at the emancipation of Dalits through their writing tellhow far the government policies have liberated Dalits from their condition. The papertitledFromBakhatoAyyan:UnderstandingtheParadoxofDalitLiberationinIndia,triesto trace the change that has come to the Dalit community through the analysis of Dalitrepresentationin selected Indian writings.

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