Existential Crisis and Identity: Reading of the Novel Parvana’s Journey

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AashaTeresa, Dr.SreelakshmiN


Refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian concerns encountered by thecontemporaryworld.Inabilityto restorepeaceintheThird Worldcountries evendecadesafterthe World wars underscores the need to study militancy and its repercussions. Literature hasbeen successful in painting the war-torn lives of people. The Canadian fiction writer DeborahEllisisacclaimed forherwritingsthatunveil thesufferings oftheThird Worldchildren. “Parvana’sJourney”,thesecondnovelintheauthor‟sinternationalbestseller“The Breadwinner” trilogy, is a text that explores the lives of children who are victimized bymilitancyinAfghanistan undertheTaliban regime andtheAfghanistanwar.Thenovelfocusesonthe journeythat thisyounggirl, Parvana, makes andhow sheis forced tobean adult muchbeforesheshouldhavetobe.Theapproachesoftraumastudiesopena chancetomake adetailedstudy of the traumatic experiences faced by the children. Through a textual analysis of the novelParvana’s Journey, this paper attempts to study the existential angst and the psychologicaldilemma experienced by those children who are exposed to war and militancy. The proposedpaper intends to evaluate

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