Breaking through the Barriers: Examining Human Enhancement in Fantasy

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Akhila M Nair, Dr.Sreena K


Fantasy is the most celebrated form of genre of all times. The term is derived from the Greek word phantasia which is known as a „process of making something visible‟. Fantasies help to foster wonder, beauty, mystery etc. into young minds. The outcomes of fostering these elements are inculcating an imaginative and creative mind-set among young individuals. The trope found in a majority of them is that they transcend the individuals from a mundane reality to an alternative reality: a parallel eccentric world that negates the conventions, restrictions or anything that inhibits many sorts of liberties temporarily. It is basically a utopian concept that helps anyone to levitate from the harsh realities of mundane life. For the young adult community their fascination towards fantasy is commendable due to factors such as imagination and creative innovation invested by the creators. Be it fiction, movie or any other types of virtual user interface this entertainment genre has never fails to bring out surprises.

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