Feminist Nightmare With Reference to Judith Mcnaught’s Whitney My Love

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Mrs. S. Shalini, Dr. K. Mangyarkarasi


Judith McNaught (May 10, 1944) born in Sancuis Obispo California, United States of America. Her writings are based on traditional, historical and contemporary romance fiction of western culture. Historical fictions of her portray the woman’s experiences and their affection towards Misogynist husband along with patriarchy norms and societal pressures. This article analyzes about feminist nightmare with special reference to Mcnaught’s Whitney, My Love.  The extensive analysis of this fiction addresses issues in marriage life and courtship, though she herself has undergone the traumatic process of assimilation and acculturation, McNaught has not allowed her prejudices to spoil her writings. This work also aims at the exploration and envisions the reformed society where women advocate for their rights for sex while also participating in loving relationships. Mcnaught raises her voice against the issues confined to the position of women within the family and their rights to equality with men in different aspects of social life.

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