Anthropomorphism in Animation - Disney's movie Zootopia and Animated Series Beastars

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A.Akshaya, Sonia Chellerian


“Anthropomorphism “can be recognized as a literary technique that is utilized for entrusting humanistic tendencies to inhuman creatures which may consist of animals as well as life-less organisms. The two animated works that are included are Beasters and Zootopia. BEASTARS is a Japanese anime series released between (2019- 2021) adapted from a manga series. It is written by Paru Itagaki. The anime series is directed by Shinichi Matsumi . The animated movie "zootopia"(2016) is directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore .The present paper is focussed on pointing out the possession of humanistic characteristics in animals, represented in animated works and also reveals that animalistic appearance, structure and style of the animated characters and its influence in the narrative and characterization of different characters. This study shows how Anthropomorphism has progressed throughout time. Both of the works are eminent and have created a breakthrough in the field of animated works. After researching the two animated works, it is identified that even though both of the above works are from two different continents, the idea of Anthropomorphistic world presented in these animated works is quite unique, and the present study also points out the relevance of such animated films in the real world.

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