Improvement Magnetic Properties of Nanocomposites UPE \ ZnFe2O3-MWCNT

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M. A. Mohammed, I.K. Jassim, Fadhil K. Farhan, A.Sh.Mahmoud


In this article, composites with a polymeric basis were prepared and developed with a ferrite zinc ZnFe2O3 material dyed with graphene that has the ability to absorb and attenuate by a weight ratio of (1-4) % of the base. The samples were formed by chemical blending and ultrasound technology to homogenize the mixture. The magnetic tests were performed using a VSM Vibrating Sample Magnetic, where a magnetic field was applied to the samples prepared at room temperature. The results showed a clear decrease in the compulsive field values, which was accompanied by a narrowing of the magnetization of saturation with an increase in the concentration of ferrite zinc nanomaterials supported by Multiple wall carbon nanotube MWCNT.

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Fadhil K. Farhan, A.Sh.Mahmoud, M. A. M. I. J. . (2021). Improvement Magnetic Properties of Nanocomposites UPE \ ZnFe2O3-MWCNT. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 8867–8874. Retrieved from