VEGF-A and HGF Level in Patients with Brain Tumors Depending on Tumor Location

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Zygmunt Siedlecki, Karol Nowak, Yemisirach Bizuneh, Danuta Rość, Maciej Śniegocki


VEG-A and HGF are angiogenic factors that stimulateblood vessels formationin cancerous tumors and primary brain tumors: gliomas and meningiomas. Their higher activity has been demonstrated for each tumor. The aim of our study was to calculatewhether the angiogenetic activity expressed by the concentration of VEGF-A and HGF differs depending on the location of the brain tumor. In this respect, tumors of the posterior cranial fossa and other location were compared. The study group consisted of 63 patients qualified for surgical treatment in the neurosurgical department. The non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis tests were used in the statistical analysis. It was shown that the concentration of the parameters studied was lower in posteriorfossa tumorscompared to supratentorial and other tumors. This allowed to draw the conclusion thatHGF and VEGF-A plasma levels are related to location of intracranial tumors. Higher concentrations of both factors occur in supratentorial tumors than in posterior fossa tumors. This may mean that angiogenic and mitogenic activity is significantly higher in patients with tumors located in the hemispheres of the brain or in connection with supratentorial dura mater.

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Maciej Śniegocki, Z. S. K. N. Y. B. D. R. . (2021). VEGF-A and HGF Level in Patients with Brain Tumors Depending on Tumor Location. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 8834–8842. Retrieved from