Morbidity and Mortality Probability of COVID-19 in Diabetic Patients in Rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh and Its Management

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Dr. Naresh Vashist, Dr. Raveen Chauhan


Background: Coronavirus-19 is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2, first identified in November 2019 in Wuhan, serious threat for health of older adults and diabetic patients as viral infections increase inflammation, internal swelling, and diabetes ketoacidosis. Respiratory problems, pyrexia, myalgia, sputum production and pain throat are common symptoms, spreads via contact droplets of sneezing and coughing. Exposure to onset of symptoms time is about between two days to two weeks.

Method and Material:  Data collected on health institution level, villages and hamlets by visiting in rural areas by following government advisory for COVID-19. Test data of Fasting Blood Sugar, Post Prandial Blood Sugar, and Random Blood Sugar is collected and noted by digital glucometer. Fasting Blood Sugar, in morning about ≥8 hours of meal and Post Prandial Blood Sugar after one and half to two hours of taking 75gram glucose or equivalent after fasting test and Random Blood Sugar after 4-5 hours of meal. Diagnosis has been done on basis of ADA guideline 2018. Morbidity and mortality probability data is collected from different journals, articles and news.

Result: Number of person tested: 1794, Male: 917 (51.11%), Female: 877 (48.89%) Fasting Blood Sugar: 911 (50.78%), Post Prandial Blood Sugar :911 (50.78%), Random Blood Sugar: 883 (49.22%), Normal Persons: 1637 (91.25%). Diabetic Mellitus-II : 134 (7.47%), Diabetic Mellitus-I: 11 ( 0.61%), Gestational Diabetic Mellitus:12 (0.67%), Mortality Probability in DM : ≥ 75%, and in normal persons:≤ 25%  Morbidity probability in DM patient ≥ 90%, Morbidity probability in normal persons ≤ 10%.

Conclusion:  Coronavirus-19 affects diabetic patients, by increasing inflammation and diabetes ketoacidosis. The morbidity probability in diabetic patients is about 90% and in normal persons is about 10% and mortality probability in Diabetic Patients is about 75% and about25% in Normal persons in rural areas of Himachal Pradesh.

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