The Effect of a Combined Curriculum According to the Concept Map and Hierarchical Learning in Learning the Skill of Stabbing for the Novice Hookah Players

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Professor Mohammed AbdulRidha Kareem, Abrar Jabber Ammer Aljaberi


Attention has increased in the mathematical aspects and skills of all events, and researchers and specialists have given a lot of attention to that for the sake of advancement, development and progress through their selection of important and appropriate strategies and models for the level of learning, including the concept map that plays an important role in organizing and controlling the teaching and learning process, as they are schematic forms that connect concepts to each other. Some, through lines or arrows, write on them the word linking to clarify the relationship between one concept and another, as it highlights its role in finding the appropriate method that shows the interconnected chains between concepts in the educational curriculum, which facilitates the absorption of the learned skill and achieve effective learning, especially if there is a process of linking between concepts and learning The hierarchy, which depends on various patterns that work on the occurrence of learning according to what the learner sees and in the desired manner for the learned skill, and thus access to a good educational product, especially through which the learner can solve the problems he faces, hence the importance of research in using the concept map strategy and hierarchical learning to acquire knowledge from both sides. Theoretical and the practical, especially if the visual perception has a role in the educational curriculum, this is a supportive and complementary part of the educational process to create kinetic paths according to the effectiveness to be learned. As for the research methodology, the experimental method was used for its suitability to the nature of the problem, and the research community was determined in a deliberate way, represented by the novice hookah players, numbering (14) players who were divided by lottery. (12) of them are a main research sample, for each group (6) players, and (2) of them are a sample for the exploratory experiment, after which the method of measuring the skill of the challenge was determined, then the exploratory experiment, and then the tribal tests that took place on Monday at three o'clock in the afternoon on 1/2 /2021 in the fencing hall in Al-Hussein neighborhood, and from then on, the integrated educational curriculum was applied according to (the map of concepts and hierarchical learning) for the members of the experimental group in order to facilitate learning the skill of stabbing for players of the blind weapon, and the implementation period of the educational curriculum took (4) weeks with two educational units per week. (Tuesday - Thursday) and the total number of units was (8) educational units, which were applied in the period from Tuesday, corresponding to 2/2/2021 until Tuesday, corresponding to 2/3/2021, with a time of (90) minutes per educational unit. After completing the application of the curriculum, the researcher conducted the post-tests of the experimental research group on Friday 3/3/2021 in the same place and time in which the tribal tests were conducted. In order to achieve the goal of the study, the researchers used the
statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) to extract the results of the study. And in light of the results of the research, it was concluded that the combined curriculum between concept maps and hierarchical learning has a positive impact on learning the skill of challenge, which the researchers recommended the necessity of using concept maps and hierarchical learning in various disciplines.

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