Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Cancer Patient in Al-Najaf Province

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Bent Alhuda Hussein Neamah


Intestinal parasites remain a major health problem for cancer patients in all developed and developing countries, in addition to that, with the number of cancer patients increasing clearly in recent years, so there is a very urgent need to study the prevalence of intestinal parasites in individuals who suffer from these diseases and to know How dangerous is that. Where infections resulting from intestinal parasitic infection are a serious and common problem in developing countries, in conjunction with the high prevalence of cancer over a wide range of the world and in the city of Najaf in particular. The current study was conducted during the period from February to October 2020 To study the spread of intestinal parasites and cancer in Najaf governorate, where 387 stool samples were examined, and 97 samples were positive for testing for intestinal parasites, During this study, the most common intestinal parasite in cancer patients was Entameaba hitolitica and the proportion was 43.2%. As in cancer patients, rates of intestinal parasites infection have varied, as the results of the current study showed that the age group most affected is 40-50 years. The incidence rate among males was also higher compared to females, as it ranged from about 64% and 36%, respectively. The results of the present study showed the presence of super significant presence at the probability level p <0.05 for the infection rate among the rural and urban population in the study areas, where the prevalence of intestinal parasites was observed among the infected patients. Rural areas are more than urban areas, with rates ranging between 71% and 29%, respectively .The current study included the correlation of age, sex, and residence with the spread of parasites in cancer patients, due to the scarcity of information on the prevalence and type of infection with pathogenic intestinal parasites in patients. This study was conducted to find out the prevalence of intestinal parasites in cancer patients.

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