Practices of Healthcare Providers toward New Corona Virus at Directorate of Military Medical Affairs Units

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Muhammed Hussein Ali, WasnaaJomaa Mohammed


Objective(s):To assess healthcare providers’ practicesrelated to coronavirus Methods: A descriptive design is carried throughout the present study Directorate of Military Medical Affairs Units (Al- Muthanna Military Hospital, al-Hussein military Hospital, Al-Shaheedmubder military Clinic, Al-naser military Clinic, Military Medical School). Non-probability "purposive" sample of (223) health care providers' is selected selected for the present study. Results: The results showed that half of the study service providers depend on their information about the studied diseases on the "Center for Disease Control of the World Health Organization", then 158 (70.9%) depend on government websites and official media, then 109 (48.9%) depend on news media about 148 (66.4%) rely on Social media About 26(11.7%) rely on Journals" only. The results of the study shows a summary statistics for "practice's knowledge related to new "Coronavirus" at directorate of military medical affairs unit's questionnaire ", which are consisting of 9 items forming due to binary dichotomous scored through using (Do, and Don't) options which symbolized by (1, and 0) respectively, as well as the first item of "It is located in crowded places inside the hospital" has a reversed scored of negative trend compared with leftover of others items. The results that most of the evaluations are high, meaning that they are among the category (66.67– 100) Conclusion: The studyconcluded that the overall evaluation of practices healthcare providers is high. Recommendation: The study recommended that more research be conducted at the national level on the size of a large sample of health care providers, with the need for an educational program to increase the practices of health care providers about Corona virus in military medicine.

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