Crop Regulation in Fruit Crops: A Review

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Ashok Kumar, B.D.Bhuj , Sant Ram, C.P.Singh, Shri Dhar, R.K.Yadav


The crop regulation can be achieved by the adoption of the various practices like withholding irrigation after harvesting during the months of April-May in Northern Indian plains. This results in the shedding of flowers and the tree goes to rest. The basin of the tree is dug up, manure and irrigated in June. After about 30-35 days the tree put forth profuse flowering and fruit mature in winter.To regulate the guava crop, it is essential to reduce the fruit set during the rainy season and subsequently increase the fruit set during winter season by the use of different chemicals like NAA, ethereal and urea etc.India is second largest producer of fruits in the world after china. India is rich in fruit diversity starting from tropical, subtropical to temperate region. Some of the fruits like Guava, pomegranate, lemon, mandarin etc., if left without any treatment, give several light harvests of the variable quantities and qualities from the various flowering flushes throughout the year. Plants are forced to produce only one crop instead of two or three crops with good quality production. The main objective of crop regulation is to force the tree for rest and produce profuse blossom and fruits during any one of the two or three flushes. It can be achieved through with holing irrigation water, root exposure, root andshoot pruning, deblossming, sprayof chemical and other plant growth regulators. The selection of bahar at a location is mainly determined by prevailing production constraints like availability of the irrigation water, quality production, and occurrence and extend of the damage by the disease and pests and several market factors. Crop regulation planningis about identifying, selecting, implementing and monitoring methods to control the yield and quality of horticultural crops. To be sustainable, this must be achieved without negatively impacting people, the environment or the financial bottom line.

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