Biomaterial: A Sustainable Alternative to Animal Leather and Synthetic Material

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Richa Gupta, Dr. Dushyant Dave


As Fashion industry is considered to be heading the sustainability call and ethical productionworldwide.Thisstudyintroducestheinnovativealternatesynthetictextilesandleatheroptionsfor animal and artificial leather in order to achieve environmental sustainability. Leatherconsumers all around the world are looking forward to part-take in the international initiativestomaketheindustrymoreeco-friendly.Withtheuseoftheseleatheralternatesabigdifferencecan be made to landfill contributions as the glamour genre is today a significant sector. Itinvolves the process of creating various echo friendly leathers and fabrics using the naturalwaste derived from our day today use.It is theoretical presentation of model, which bringstogether the essentials of sustainability and Innovative production methods from waste todesign. The purpose of this research is to provide the customers and designers the sustainableoptionfortheirclothes,bagsandshoes.Thecorefocusisonrevampingtherawmaterialwaste,productionmethod ofleather/ Textileand its treatment.

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Dr. Dushyant Dave, R. G. . (2021). Biomaterial: A Sustainable Alternative to Animal Leather and Synthetic Material. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 7317–7331. Retrieved from