Cybersecurity and Business Continuity in Pandemic Times

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Miguel Hernndez Bejarano, Fredys A. Simanca H. , Jaime Paez Paez, Mario Fernando Castro, Jairo Corts Mndez


This document is framed in the context of the ongoing research project entitled "Design of a cyber resilience mechanism for business continuity in organizations", having as an objective to present the context of cybersecurity in this time of pandemic, where cybercrime seeks new ways to attack organizations and individuals. Cybersecurity strategies must be adapted to the situational context. Organizational resilience is also present in organizations to ensure business continuity, where the continuity plans of organizations are considering the pandemic as a scenario of disruption that has compromised the internal or external activities of companies.

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Jairo Corts Mndez, M. H. B. F. A. S. H. , J. P. P. M. F. C. . (2021). Cybersecurity and Business Continuity in Pandemic Times. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 7280–7289. Retrieved from