Aesthetic Employment of the Environment in Student Fees

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AwatifShakir Kareem, Ikhlasyas khudair


Exposing the extent to which the environment vocabulary is employed in artistic productions, and whether it carries an aesthetic character that rises to the level of aesthetic concepts that philosophers and thinkers in the field of aesthetics have made judgments and other things, and the current research problem is being defined by answering the following two questions, namely: Is there an aesthetic characteristic that appears through Employing the environment vocabularyin the art education department's fees ? And did the uses of the Iraqi environment vocabulary in the drawings of the art education student constitute an artistic pattern that establishes the beauty of the artistic work ? , As the current research aims to reveal the aesthetic vocabulary of the employment environment in the fees students of the Department of Art Education , and the research community consists of drawings students of the Department of Art Education / Faculty of Fine Arts / Baghdad University for the academic year (2017-2018 m) , numbering of a (4 0) work of art in the field of painting executed in various sizes . He consulted the researcher a group of experts in the field of plastic arts / painting to choose the intentional sample of drawings students of the Department of Art Education , which amounted to (4) drawings represent the core objective of this research goal Pal revealed about the aesthetic employment vocabulary environment in the fees of the students , it has the researcher conducted a study according Two axes, namely, conducting a survey of the sources and literature to identify the aesthetic employment used in the construction of the plastic painting (painting space).And a pilot study aimed at detecting the aesthetic employment environment in the graphics students of the Department of Art Education, and for emergence R results researcher has used a range of statistical methods.

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