Antibacterial Compound of Mixture Turnip and Honey for Some Microorganisms

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Khanda Sirwan SatarAldavi, Fardin Mirahmadi


Objective: investigate the ability of turnip and Honeyextracts against numbers of microorganisms (Salmonella Enteritica, Streptococcus penemuim). Methods: In this research, the impact of different concentration of mixture of turnip and honeyextracts on Streptococcus pneumonia (5, 10 and 15μ𝐿,π‘šπ‘š) ,Salmonella enteritica (15, 20 and 25 μ𝐿,π‘šπ‘š) were examined. The antibacterial activity was studied using disk diffusion. Thedata analysed by one-way ANOVA and Probit Analysis via the SAS software. Results: The diameter of zone of the inhibition of honey and turnipextractshas tested,obtained ranged 36-46 mm for Salmonella Enteritica, 36-56 mm for Streptococcus penemuim. Conclusions: A profound synergistic effect of honey and turnip was observed and the data obtained in vitro showed that turnip plant and honey have good antimicrobial potential and can be used because it is natural in combination with other foods.

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