Non-Fluoridated Remineralizing Agent-A Narrative Review

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Dr. Nagalakshmi Chowdhary, Dr. Nisha Gupta, Dr. Subhathira R, Dr. V Rajashekar Reddy, Dr. Balamurugan Suba Ranjana, Dr. Mahalakshmi D


The goal of up to date dentistry is to manage non-cavitated carious lesions non-invasively through remineralization in an effort to stop disease progression, and to spice up, esthetics, and performance of teeth. The stress is presently being given to new technologies for enamel remineralization that means the changes within the understanding of dental caries. Further studies are required on biomimetic molecules involved in calcium fluoride phosphate stabilization and nucleation that may provide further improvement in the development of novel remineralization treatment. The aim of this paper is to review the up to date non-flouridate dremineralization system out there and its idea of action on tooth for remineralization. A search was of articles from „Pubmed” and “google scholar” with the keywords Remineralization-demineralization, casein derivatives, non-flouridated
remineralizing agent was conducted. So, in this paper the current concept further bridges the standard gap between prevention, non-invasive and surgical procedures which is simply what dentistry needs for this age.

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Dr. Mahalakshmi D, D. N. C. D. N. G. D. S. R. D. V. R. R. D. B. S. R. . (2021). Non-Fluoridated Remineralizing Agent-A Narrative Review. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 6925–6941. Retrieved from