An Analysis of Information Seeking Pattern in Library in Tirunelveli District

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Dr. K. Mutharasan, Dr. S. Henry Pandian


The present generation enjoys the abundance of information available in varieties of forms and formats. Searching and transferring of information have  become an inseparable part of research and development. Computers are used to process , store, retrieve and disseminate information. Librarians have now metamorphosed into ‘Digital Institutions’. Today, libraries are surrounded by networked data that is connected to vast ocean of Internet-based Services. The term ‘Information Pattern’ which deal a long range of formation related phenomena like seeking, searching, browsing etc.. Information is a new field of research  as compared to seeking a solution to a specific problem in a field already familiar to a person. Information seeking pattern of a user may result from the recognition of his need of information. Thus the information is used largely by a wide cross section of people in the world resulting into the coining of new terms ‘Information Explosion, Information Society, and Information Age  etc..The electronic resources for their collection developments that the demands of users are better fulfilled. The e-resources on magnetic and optical media have a vast impact on the collections of  libraries. E-journals becoming a vital to carry any meaningful research. This resource is widely used by students and faculties and other users of the libraries to carry out day – to – day qualitative research, education and knowledge. This study reveals that the information seeking pattern in library in Tirunelvelidistrict used for the purpose of the easiest accessibility and its relativity.

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Dr. K. Mutharasan, Dr. S. Henry Pandian. (2021). An Analysis of Information Seeking Pattern in Library in Tirunelveli District. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 6834–6846. Retrieved from