Softwarization of the Infrastructure of Internet of Things for Secure and Smart Healthcare

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Mayur Mistry, Riya Pandey, Akshit Kalita


Smart Healthcare is a very important application in the field of Internet of Things. It is going to revolutionize the Healthcare sector and help the Healthcare providers in decreasing their expenditure along with utilizing new technologies. The crucial step in this process is the acquisition, aggregation and the analysis of the data obtained through the various sensors present in the various devices which produce huge amounts of varied data which include text, audio, and video. Since the growth in technologies, various new kinds of sensors have been made to measure different types of data for the healthcare sector. Generation of these large amounts of data will necessitate some type of processing to take place which can stand in the way as a big challenge along with the security concerns for the data. Thus, to address these challenges, a scalable, cost-effective, stable, and secure implementation is suggested in this chapter using an infrastructure which has been Softwarized that includes cloud and fog computing, Blockchain and Tor. The suggested system is a machine-to-machine messaging, rule-based beacon for seamless data management, and uses two types of data processing techniques, to facilitate smart-healthcare applications, which are explained further. Along with the proposed system various other terminologies like fog computing, Blockchain and Tor are explained which will make the idea of the system clearer.

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