Histopathological Effect of Potassium Peroxymonosulfate in Albino Mice Treated with Vitamin C

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Salema Lafta Hassan, Ruwaida Majeed Khedr


Background Disinfectants and surfactants are non-biodegradable contaminants that build up in bodies of water. Vegetation, planktons, fish, and zooplanktons absorb these disinfectants, which then enter the food web. Disinfectants introduced into aquatic systems accumulate in the food chain, causing a variety of harmful consequences and even mortality in aquatic creatures.

Objectives The present study aimed to evaluate the toxic effect of potassium peroxymono sulfateon the internal organs in albino mice.

Methodology :Eighty adult Swiss albino mice at the age of 7-8 weeks  were divided in to four groups(20 mice per group ), 1st group was administrate of potassium peroxymonosulfateorally with dose(1449.7 mg/kg,b.wt) daily for eight weeks, 2nd group was administrate of vitamin c  (250 mg/kg, b.wt)    orally at the same time for eight weeks , 3rd group was administrate of potassiumperoxymonosulfate(as sam 1st group and at the same time vitamin c as 2nd group  orally for eight weeks, 4th group considered as negative control group. All of the animals were put to sleep, and portions of liver, kidney, intestine, heart, spleen, and brain. were removed for histological analysis. Results: our data reveal that the toxic effect of potassiumperoxymonosulfateinthe liver characterized by necrosisof hepatocytes with  mitotic  division nuclei .dilated central vein with mononuclear cells aggregation in portal area around portal vein and  bile duct. Congestion of blood vessels with marked vacuolar degeneration of hepatocytesThe results reveal that vitamin C has an effect on the liver that is characterized by mononuclear cells aggregation around central vein and around portal area with proliferation of  kuffers cells. The microscopic section of the kidney showed mononuclear cells infiltration in the glomeruli and between renal tubules. The microscopic section of the lung showed mononuclear cells    infiltration in the interalveolar septa. The microscopic section of the intestine hyperplasia of  goblet cells and mild mononuclear cell infiltration  in the  lamina properia, and mucosal gland hyperplasia of lymphoid tissue. Results showed that the effect potassiumperoxymonosulfate and vitamin c in the kidney showed necrosis with acute cellular swelling  of renal tubules and inflammatory cells in the lumen of renal tubules.

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