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Saravanan Raju, S.Soundararajan, V.Loganathan


Teams Application is a responsive web application that can also be used in mobile phones is developed using React JS as the front end and MongoDB[4] as database. The main objective of the application is to form small teams and assign some duties to the members for which the members are notified through email and they can notify the team members about the completion status with comments via email. This application is developed using MERN Stack i.e., Mongoose, Express, ReactJs and NodeJs. We propose a three-tier architecture which has client-tier, business-logic tier and database-tier[5]. The client-tier will have the user experience and interface elements. It consists of ReactJs (jsx elements), html and the browser[11]. Our web application is a single page web application which means that only one html page is rendered. Using ReactJs, different components are rendered in that single html element. The business- logic tier consists of the functionality elements which will be done using  NodeJs and express server. NodeJs is the platform and ReactJs is the framework used for User Interface. ExpressJs is a library that acts as a server for the application. The last will be the database-tier which consists of the MongoDB database[7]. The data from the database is fetched using Mongoose ODM. The important goal of the application is to provide better communication among the members of a team which helps the team to perform better and come up with better ideas that may lead to increase in productivity. The user’s data is also kept safe in the application and managed properly. We have achieved this connectivity among the members using email notifications. Every move of the user is kept track and the members are notified about it. The members are given proper information about the status of the task that is live. This application can also have a lot of add-on features which can be done in the future enhancements.

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