An Optimized Image Pre-Processing Technique for Face Emotion Recognition System

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Dr. P. Sumathy, Ahilan Chandrasekaran


            People share a universal and fundamental set which is displayed by clear facial expressions. Recognition of human emotions through the imaging templates is beneficial in a wide varietyof intelligent and interaction systems programs. Nevertheless, the automated identification of facial expressions image using matching methods suffers with the normal variability with facial recording and features situations. The effective and computationally simple feature extraction and classification technique for emotion recognition is still an open problem in spite of the progress achieved in facial emotion recognition in recent years. Image Normalization and pre-processing is significantpart of recognition systems. Changes in lighting conditions produces decrease of recognition dramatically performance. A novel pre-processing framework is proposed to enhance the image using K-Nearest Neighbor and Cultural Algorithm in this paper. An optimised Image Enhancement technique is proposed for improving the classification of the human face emotion recognition system in this work.

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Dr. P. Sumathy, Ahilan Chandrasekaran. (2021). An Optimized Image Pre-Processing Technique for Face Emotion Recognition System. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 6247–6261. Retrieved from