Sports Tech Using MERN

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Abhishek Kushwaha, Atif Abbasi, Prakhar Srivastava, Dr. Avneesh Kumar


The main objective of making this E-commerce website is that: E-commerce website are nowadays most important aspect for various kind of business and normal business plan. The benefits that E-commerce website provides i.e cost savings, efficiency while selling and purchasing and the increased profit can be seen clearly at every stage. E-business these days should not be considered as competitive platform but a normal business process, without which any business is unlikely to survive in this modern economy.

In this E-commerce website, we have basically 2 modules i.e a customer module and a module for admin to control over the products and can manage and handle the enquiries raised by the customers. The customer module will have the functionality of buying the products irrespective of time (24x7) and irrespective of place where they are buying from. Customers can pay and can easily avail home delivery. The second module that is for Admin, it will contain the admin access page and also, it will have various functionalities such as changing any particular content present on the website. The admin can add, update, delete the content or products and set the stocks if they are available or not.

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