Preparation and in Vitro Evaluation of Etodolac Nanoparticles

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Fatimah Mohammed Hussein Wais,MalathHatif Oudah, Athraa Sami


Etadolac nanoparticles were prepare by using solvent antisolvent precipitation method,in order to decrease particle size and increase dissolution rate which its rate limiting step in drug bioavailability. Different type of stabilizers used in this study, pvpk30, poloxamer188, HPMCE5, HPMCE15 and HPMCE50. Formulated nanosuspensions were characterize for particle size, poly disperse index(PDI) and specific surface area(SSA). The prepared nanoparticles were characterized by FTIR, SEM, DSC, invitro dissolution rate, and particle size measurement. The results show all particle size within nanosize from from39.5nm to 986nm, with entrapping efficiency range from 90.5% to 98.85%, and dissolution rate at 10min.was 85% for etodolac nanoparticles, and 15.8%, 35% for pure etodolac and physical mixing of drug and polymer, respectively. The results indicate a suitability of precipitation method for preparation of etodolac nanoparticles with enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate.

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Athraa Sami, F. M. H. W. O. . (2021). Preparation and in Vitro Evaluation of Etodolac Nanoparticles. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 25(6), 5923–5934. Retrieved from